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  • Andy Honey

The Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Portugal in 2024

a clifftop view of the west coast of Algarve, Portugal

Portugal, with its stunning coastline, rich history, and vibrant culture, continues to be a top destination for travellers around the world. From charming cities to picturesque beaches and historic sites, there's something for everyone in this diverse country. If you're planning a trip to Portugal in 2024, here are the top ten places you absolutely must visit. I have also included links to accommodation which I recommend based on price and reviews.

1. Lisbon

The Capital of Seven Hills

Lisbon, Portugal's vibrant capital, is a city of contrasts. With its historic neighbourhoods, such as Alfama and Bairro Alto, blending seamlessly with modern architecture and trendy districts like Chiado, Lisbon offers an enchanting mix of old-world charm and contemporary energy. Don't miss the iconic Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery.

Where to Stay: Hotel Roma

2. Porto

The City of Bridges

Nestled along the Douro River, Porto is a city known for its picturesque riverside, historic Ribeira district, and world-famous Port wine cellars. Stroll across the Dom Luís I Bridge for panoramic views and explore the narrow streets of the old town for a taste of authentic Portuguese life.

Where to Stay: Charm Palace

3. Sintra

The Fairytale Town

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Sintra is a magical town filled with stunning palaces, lush gardens, and enchanting forests. The colorful Pena Palace, the Moorish Castle, and the whimsical Quinta da Regaleira are must-see attractions.

4. Évora

A Journey into the Past

Step back in time in Évora, a city rich in history and architecture. The well-preserved Roman Temple of Évora, the eerie Chapel of Bones, and the stunning Cathedral are just a few of the many historical treasures you'll find here.

Where to Stay: Évora Olive Hotel

5. Douro Valley

Wine Country Bliss

The Douro Valley, known for its terraced vineyards, is a paradise for wine lovers. Take a scenic boat cruise along the Douro River and visit some of the region's finest wineries for a taste of world-class Port wine.

Where to Stay: Hotel Casa do Tua

6. Algarve

Golden Beaches and Crystal Waters

The Algarve region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. From the dramatic cliffs of Lagos to the tranquil coves of Tavira, there's a beach for every type of traveler. Don't forget to explore the charming towns and indulge in delicious seafood.

Where to Stay: NAU Sao Rafael Atlantico

7. Aveiro

The Venice of Portugal

Aveiro, with its picturesque canals and colorful moliceiro boats, is often compared to Venice. Take a boat tour through the canals and enjoy the fresh seafood in this quaint coastal town.

Where to Stay: Hotel das Salinas

8. Coimbra

A Scholarly Retreat

Home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, Coimbra exudes an intellectual atmosphere. Explore the historic university complex and take a stroll along the Mondego River for a taste of this city's unique charm.

Where to Stay: Zero Box Lodge Coimbra

9. Guimarães

The Birthplace of Portugal

Guimarães is steeped in history and is considered the birthplace of Portugal. The well-preserved medieval architecture, including the Guimarães Castle and the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza, make it a must-visit for history buffs.

Where to Stay: Eurostars Santa Luzia

10. Madeira

The Garden Island

Madeira, an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, is a paradise for nature lovers. Known for its lush landscapes, vibrant flora, and stunning levada walks, Madeira offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Where to Stay: Mediterrâneo Madeira

As you plan your trip to Portugal in 2024, make sure to explore these incredible destinations. Each offers a distinct experience, from the bustling streets of Lisbon to the tranquil beaches of the Algarve. Whether you're interested in history, culture, or simply relaxing in natural beauty, Portugal has it all. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this enchanting country!


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